Price for admission ?

Entry prices vary from city to city.

- Please see our Instagram or Facebook event pages for more info*. ( @thedeadstockdepot )

what is the price range ? 

We have multiple vendors, with prices varying from booth to booth. Except to find some steals for under $10.00 . Also, more rare and valuable garments from our more prestigious vendors. 

Will vendor be accepting debit/Credit ?

We are a flea market with multiple vendors. Payment option will vary from booth to booth. A handful of vendors will be accepting debit/Credit. **ALL VENDORS WILL BE ACCEPTING CASH**

How can i Be a vendor at the deadstock depot ?

Please check our event calendar and stay posted on our social media for vendor applications on our upcoming events. 

Is the deadstock depot a one day event ? 

We are a one day flea market. Running on a bi-monthly basis. Please stay posted on our social media and website for upcoming events. 

If a vendor is looking for a refund for there booth ?

 All booth transactions are final. If you are requesting a refund for your booth, you will charged with a 30% transaction fee on the price that you paid*